BOBBY HARRISON: Supreme Court can’t recognize what it won’t hear

In the past, when posed with questions or lawsuits dealing with the procedures of the Legislature, the Supreme Court has simply said such matters should be determined by the Legislature. The Supreme Court has been reluctant to interfere in the legislative process, plus, from a practical sense, the justices do not want to upset the legislative leaders who determine their annual appropriation.

But in this case – dealing with the speed that bills are read – the justices are going through with the formality of oral arguments and the dog-and-pony show that will be associated with such proceedings…

…At any rate, in the coming month, the arcane issue of how the leadership can have bills read on the House floor will be decided by the Supreme Court.

But unless something changes, no member of the Mississippi Supreme Court can take the practical approach of Potter Stewart and say how fast is too fast is hard to define, but I know it when I hear it.

Daily Journal