Bobby Harrison: McCoy was cited for key role in Katrina recovery

McCoy played a key role in ensuring when casinos rebuilt on the Gulf Coast they no longer had to be placed in the water on barges that were particularly vulnerable in the massive storm.

While then-Gov. Haley Barbour placed a variety issues related to Katrina recovery on the special session agenda, the primary item – the item that could not wait in the eyes of many Gulf Coast business leaders and indeed the governor – was a change in state law to allow the Coastal casinos to rebuild on land….

…McCoy, who came from the old school of politics where shaper words was not uncommon, was moved by the meeting. Miles said he was entering the Capitol that morning when McCoy called and told him to come to his office.

Miles said the speaker told him to “count the votes and make sure we get enough votes to pass this thing.”

Daily Journal