HARRISON: Talking over each other

When asked what was unconstitutional in Obama’s proposal, a spokesman for the governor said , “As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a recipient of the Kirk Fordice Freedom Award in 2005 from the Jackson chapter of the NRA, Gov. Bryant is a strong, consistent supporter of the right to bear arms. Since issuing his call to Mississippi lawmakers to protect law-abiding citizens’ gun rights, an overwhelming number of people – both from this state and others – have expressed their appreciation and support.”

Not to be outdone, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann sent out a statement saying, “President Obama circumventing Congress by limiting gun rights through executive order only silences the voice of Mississippians who oppose any restrictions on our constitutional right to keep and possess firearms.”

When asked what part of the executive orders was unconstitutional, a spokesperson said, “He didn’t say the executive orders were unconstitutional.”

Of course not, he only said it was a restriction on constitutional rights. That is different?

If we would only listen to each other.

Bobby Harrison
Daily Journal