BOBBY HARRISON: Referendum vs. lawsuit battle lines forming

An unusual rift has developed between groups that purport to have in common the support of Mississippi’s public education system.

Currently, there is a group called Better Schools, Better Jobs garnering signatures in hopes of placing on the November 2015 ballot an initiative calling for the eventual full funding of public education.

This group, which includes many prominent Mississippians, such as former Secretary of State Dick Molpus and many others, opposes a lawsuit against the state by former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove to recoup $1.5 billion local school districts have been underfunded since 2008. Musgrove is not keen on the Better Schools, Better Jobs effort, saying in effect cautionary language in the initiative will make it difficult to achieve full funding for the local school districts even if its passes.

Both groups say full funding of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program is their goal.

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