Multiple sources inside the Mississippi Democratic Party have confirmed that the Mississippi Democratic Party has tapped a new Executive Director that will be on the job within days. After an emergency Democratic executive commitee session last Wednesday, insiders are confirming that the party brass may have settled on Travis Brock. Brock most recently served as the Executive Director of the Nevada State Democratic Party, where he departed as of February 1. We have reported on multiple occassions about the structural collapse of the Democratic Party in Mississippi under the leadership of Chairman Jamie Franks. YallPolitics’ sources have confirmed that in addition to the $5,000 stipend coming to the state party from the Democratic National Committee for field personnel, the DNC will also be footing the bill for the new ED’s services as the Mississippi party is unable to do so.

If Brock is the choice, he will have an interesting transition into Mississippi politics. Brock has been active in union and ultra-liberal Democratic Party politics since the late 1990s working for Tom Vilsack, Al Gore and AFSCME union in Florida.

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Travis Brock has served as the Executive Director of the Nevada State Democratic Party since April, 2007. He has overseen Nevada’s historic early caucuses in 2008, election efforts in 2008, and the unprecedented early organizing effort to prepare for the 2010 elections. Immediately before working in Nevada, Travis served as National Field Director for presidential candidate Tom Vilsack.

In 2005 and 2006, Travis helped lead Democrats to significant victories in Iowa as the Iowa Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign and Political Director. He has also worked on the presidential campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry and both successful Iowa gubernatorial campaigns for Tom Vilsack; served as Midwest Political Director at the Democratic National Committee; and worked as an organizer for the AFSCME Florida Political Organizing Campaign. Travis’s work on campaigns and committees has given him the opportunity to work in states in every region of the country.

Word around the State Capitol was the Brock was being introduced around today. With major dissention even inside the party ranks, a new ED will have to contend with internal strife, a noted lack of financial resources, and a looming lack of candidates for a statewide election cycle.

More will be coming out soon.