Has Tommy Tuberville’s time run out at Auburn?

The date was Oct. 23, 1998.

On that bright, shining Friday afternoon, Terry Bowden was forced overboard in a high-stakes power play on the Plains — sending shock waves throughout the world of college football.
Now, just days shy of that 10-year anniversary, could the same ghoulish nightmare be close to happening again at Auburn? Or will cooler heads prevail?
Tommy Tuberville deftly deflected the questions in the aftermath of yet another humiliating loss. He responded with aloofness, a familiar Tubervillian trait with his back against the wall.
But the talk is out there. Everywhere. The firing of Tommy Bowden on Monday at Clemson (who would have believed Bobby would be the last Bowden left in coaching?) only exacerbated the situation. From Muscle Shoals to Mobile, the question is being asked: Is Tubs done?