Hattiesburg American – Jim Hood’s hair helped him win election

Some wonder why Jim Hood is the lone Democrat remaining in a major state political office in Mississippi. Don’t believe for one minute it is just because of his name, reputation or service. He has good locks. Yes, that wispy mane with intermittent curls creates the appearance of a Southern gentleman. If Jim Hood had decided to get a buzz cut three months before the election, he would have lost in a landslide.

The “good hair” theme does not necessarily translate to women’s races. The two major candidates for state treasurer, both women, each had nice tufts. Nevertheless, I suspect each candidates’ handlers made sure “bad hair days” were avoided at all costs.

The not-so-secret secret why Mitt Romney is leading all Republican candidates in the 2012 polls is that he has the best hair. He could model his mop in men’s catalogs. If he continues to lay low and “look the part,” he has the inside track to the White House.

Hattiesburg American