Hattiesburg City Court aftermath continues to play out

An internal investigation concluding that there was a major lack of competence in the city court system has left the Hattiesburg City Council and Mayor DuPree at odds. The council wants Mayor DuPree to enact a tougher punishment upon the city clerks that violated the rules and arguably the law.

“His allowing them the opportunity to take a week, or two week vacation at home without pay, and to put them back in that position again that is unacceptable,”said Hattiesburg City Council President, Kim Bradley.

The council made clear it’s disapproval of Mayor Johnny DuPree’s handling of the investigation into city court, and the punishments he gave out, by reading a letter aloud at Tuesday night’s public hearing.

“They need to be thankful they are not being prosecuted from what I understand from the investigation of what was found,”said Bradley.