Hattiesburg man claims DuPree campaigner cast ballot for him in voting booth

An 18-year-old Hattiesburg resident is claiming people campaigning for Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree escorted him to the polls, went into the voting booth and casted votes for DuPree and others.

Mitchell Carter told WDAM he wanted to vote for DuPree’s opponent, Dave Ware, but the person who came in the booth with him, an apparent campaign worker, worked the machine and cast his ballot for him.

“It just happened that quick…And after that, it was the end of it,” Carter told a WDAM reporter of the June 4 election.

DuPree won the mayoral election by just 37 votes. Ware has begun the process to overturn the results by requesting an inspection of the ballots and boxes used in the city election.

Clarion Ledger