Republican Primary candidate race heats up

Ric McCluskey will face off against incumbent Toby Barker for the House of Representatives Seat 102…

…“Providing jobs for the area is very important,” McCluskey stated. “Lowering taxes for the job providers but also the tax implications on the citizens and allowing more money back in their pockets, economic freedom. Things we’re really seeing republican leadership do in Jackson right now, but they just need a little more help, and a strong conservative voice.”

McCluskey has previously run for Seat 102, but lost to Barker in 2011. He says his focus in this election will be providing a strong conservative voice.

“I will not say I have the upper hand, he is an 8 year incumbent,” McCluskey said. “What I will say is I have proven leadership in the US Marine Corp and in the business. We feel like there’s time we could be more vocal in Jackson, for the conservative cause, but also times that our actions will speak louder than anything and I think that’s what my candidacy offers more than his.”