US House needs to tackle immigration reform this fall

When it comes to fixing our broken immigration system, the United States is at a crossroads and the U.S. House of Representatives is driving the car. There can be no question as to whether our immigration system is working and if our border is secure. Both are a disaster, and the only question is what Washington is going to do about it.

This fall members of the U.S. House have a historic opportunity to fix our broken system, including our border. The Louisiana delegation in the House can have a significant impact on pushing through common sense reform. In fact, conservatives in the House have tremendous leverage and consequently great responsibility to pass the strongest border security and enforcement measures in American history.

We need to secure the border, end de facto amnesty and establish a modernized immigration system that will give the country the workers we need to continue to lead the world economically.

The federal government, first and foremost, must protect and defend our homeland. When people can come and go through our border like they are strolling through the French Quarter, our country has failed us. It does not take a national security expert to know the risks we face in today’s world when our border is not secure. This must be Congress’ top priority.
Henry Barbour