Trump’s Threat To Sue Over Louisiana Delegates Reveals Organizational Weakness

The Trump campaign is also upset it lost the inside game to Cruz over Louisiana’s slots on three key committees at the Republican National Convention this summer. Cruz won five of the state’s six seats on the committees that will write the party rules and platform in Cleveland.

Henry Barbour, a Republican Party national committeeman from neighboring Mississippi, says what happened in Louisiana is that “the Cruz people showed up when it was time to vote in these party organizational meetings, and the Trump people just didn’t show up in numbers.”

Barbour predicts this will be a problem for Trump not just in Louisiana but in other states where the Trump campaign lacks an experienced organization. “It’s not complicated,” Barbour says. “It’s as much about showing up as it is about anything else.” Most of these meetings are held on Saturdays, “when most people would be rather out hitting a golf ball or a tennis ball or fishing.” Barbour says it’s “just not that appealing except for the political nerds like me.”