Henry Ross Submits Official Debate Request to First District Candidates
Ross Proposes a Series of Six Debates for Republican Congressional Candidates

On Friday, February 26th, 2010, the ‘Henry Ross for Congress Campaign’ mailed official debate request letters to the campaigns of Alan Nunnelee and Angela McGlowan. The Ross campaign recommended holding debates in a variety of formats which can be sponsored by College Republicans, various Tea Party Organizations or other interested civic groups.

Commander Ross said, “there is only a short time until voters decide who will represent the Republican Party in the general election, it is incumbent upon us to make certain the voters know our positions and can contrast us as candidates. Therefore, I am proposing that each candidate join me in a series of six debates, two in March, two in April, and two in May, in venues throughout the district.”

The Ross campaign has further invited any new candidates who may enter the campaign before the qualifying deadline. Mr. Ross added that, “I look forward to participating in healthy and spirited debates with the other candidates concerning the pressing issues confronting our nation and our district and state.”
The Ross campaign is urging the candidates to agree to debates quickly so that the respective campaigns can begin determining the terms and the venue for the debate.

Henry Ross Campaign Release