I want you to understand why I am running

Just a few days ago, I filed my statement of intent to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in the June 1, 2010 Republican primary with the Mississippi Republican Party at party headquarters in Jackson. On February 2nd, the campaign took to the road with a four city tour of the First Congressional District, making stops in Hernando, Corinth, Tupelo and Columbus. At each stop, our message of fighting for a return to God-centered, limited Constitutional government astoundingly resonated with the crowds of supporters.

We’ve gotten off to a good start, and we’re only beginning. Through the course of the primary, my intent is to get to know you better and for you to get to know me better. I want you to understand who I am and why I am running. I want you to know exactly how I stand on issues that are important to Mississippians. Visit my website at www.henryrossforcongress.com to begin studying my background and my stance on the issues and to receive campaign updates. I invite you to follow my campaign by joining my Facebook fan page, Henry Ross for U.S. Congress, and by following me on Twitter.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we educate ourselves on who we vote to send to Congress, and ensure that the candidate we’re considering truly grasps today’s issues. It’s important to understand what motivates a candidate to run for public office.

I’m running because we need conservative fighters in government, leaders who are not afraid to fight for the people and restore the pillars on which our country was founded: faith, family and freedom. These pillars of American society have been endangered by establishment insiders and career politicians who want more and bigger government. Voters have lost faith in both parties because career politicians say one thing and do another. Together, we can fight to keep our country on the path of freedom our founders gave us.

As I continue to take my message across North Mississippi, I want you to know that I will not be out-worked. I’ll knock on every door I can and talk to every voter I can find. You can’t win a campaign without being in the district and meeting the people, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. I want to hear each voter’s concerns and offer solutions in person. My focus is not on the politics of Jackson. My focus is squarely on the First Congressional District of Mississippi and on representing your values and your interests.

The 2010 election cycle will be different from 2008. Instead of politics as usual, I’m going to run a positive campaign. I’m prepared to honestly examine the issues and point out to you anytime records don’t match rhetoric. I intend to build relationships with voters across the district and provide solutions and ideas to solve our nation’s problems. My focus is on you. I deeply share your concern about what’s happening in Washington and your passion to restore conservative principles in government.

Again, I want you to know my position on the various issues. Please begin taking some time to read my views on the crucial matters confronting our nation today. Capsuled versions are below, but I encourage you to take the time to click and read my expanded views found at www.henryrossforcongress.com.

My stance on the issues

Guns – We need conservative fighters in Congress who will ensure that our Second Amendment rights are fully protected without federal intrusion on our rights as private citizens. Our nation’s founders understood that ownership of arms is fundamental to our freedom as American citizens. This is a right that cannot be surrendered. As an owner of guns and one who is determined to support and defend our Constitution, I’m ready to join the fight to preserve this basic right in the halls of the United States Congress.

Healthcare – The individual and his physician, not the government, knows best how the individual’s healthcare needs should be met. As a member of Congress, I will only support legislation that keeps healthcare delivery in the hands of patients and their doctors and out of the hands of government bureaucrats. I will work to ensure sensible healthcare policy that advocates tort reform, lowers premiums, increases insurance portability and competition, and that rewards healthy lifestyle choices.

Spending and Debt – Currently, our national debt is over $12,500,000,000,000 ($12.5 trillion) and growing fast. This enormous debt endangers the livelihood of future American generations and allows lender nations such as China and those in OPEC to influence our economic policy. Congress should impose a widely targeted freeze on federal spending. Unlike the recent Obama Administration proposal, the freeze should be imposed at baselines predating the stimulus and the budgetary increases authorized by the current Congress.

Prosperity and Taxes – When taxes are lowered, productivity increases and prosperity follows. Jobs are created. The Bush tax cuts set to expire this year should be renewed and further across-the-board individual tax cuts should be implemented. U.S. corporate taxes – the second highest in the world – should be cut significantly, and capital gains taxes, which is a tax on investment, should be temporarily suspended and then permanently lowered. Business should be able to write off equipment purchases faster. Government regulation of business should be reduced.

National Security & Terrorism – Having been privileged to serve on active duty in the Navy and retire as Naval Reserve Commander with over 20 years of service, I understand the importance of a strong national defense. The hard-fought gains in Iraq must not be squandered because of political differences. We must proceed to victory in Afghanistan without predetermined withdrawal deadlines. As a former JAG officer, I believe military tribunals should be the exclusive forum in which to prosecute foreign terrorists, and the facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba should remain open to detain them as long as the war continues. Swift justice must be received by any extremist who tries to attack our country. We must always be a friend to Israel, our staunchest ally in the War on Terror.

Faith – America is a Christian nation, contrary to what any president may say. The evidence of our Christian heritage is irrefutable. We need conservative fighters in Congress who will work to restore our religious freedoms and protect those freedoms from further assault. We need fighters who will hold the Supreme Court accountable when it clearly does not follow the Constitution.

Family – Families are essential to the success of our society. Government has endangered the family by substituting government benefits for fathers in millions of homes, redefining traditional marriage, and failing to protect life, beginning at conception. We need conservative fighters in Congress who will work to restore the family at all levels of society, preserve traditional marriage, and protect the unborn.

Energy – We must mitigate the influence of oil rich countries who do not like us. We can do this by tapping America’s vast abundance of fossil fuels and natural resources. Additionally, government should enact policy that encourages the development of nuclear energy as well as economically sensible alternative forms of energy.

This campaign is about you and our future. It’s about restoring the pillars of Faith, Family, and Freedom in America.

Until next time,


Henry Ross Campaign