Henry Ross Pledges to Term Limits
Says he’ll, “Introduce a Constitutional Amendment in the U.S. House”

On Tuesday, in front of a gathering of Constitutional scholars, Henry Ross, a Republican candidate for Mississippi’s First Congressional District, vowed to self-imposed term limits if elected. Ross, a retired Navy Commander and former Senior Department of Justice official in the Bush Administration, further promised to introduce a Constitutional Amendment requiring Congressional term limits for all U.S. Senators and Congressmen.

According to Ross, “the Founders established this nation on the pillars of faith, family and freedom. But in 2010, these pillars are cracking. We can restore these pillars, but it is not going to come from career politicians, Republican as well as Democrat, they’re the ones who have gotten us in the shape we’re in today.”

He continued by saying, “It is going to take a new breed of conservative fighters to go to Washington to restore these pillars of American society. Career politicians put their own self interest ahead of the interest of the country. They’re not going to be the ones who stop runaway spending, to lower taxes to bring back an era of prosperity. It is going to take conservative fighters who are not looking for the next election to do it.”

Commander Ross believes one of the first steps to putting the country back on track is to remove self interest from government. In order to do his part, Ross vowed to serve no longer than six terms in Congress if elected. Henry Ross, a native of Eupora, is the only Republican candidate for Mississippi’s First Congressional District to pledge to term limits.

Click here to view a two minute video of Henry pledging to term limits.