Citing the incumbent’s votes for increased debt and budget resolutions that funded Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, former Eupora Mayor and Circuit Judge Henry Ross announced today that he has filed papers for a primary rematch against the freshman Congressman.

Nunnelee, who avoided a runoff in 2010 by just 609 votes, may not be as lucky this time around, Ross says.

“Alan’s record of voting for whatever our timid party leadership wants has given us higher debt, no spending cuts except in defense and full funding for Obamacare and Planned Parenthood,” Ross said. “Alan is a nice guy, but we don’t need nice guys in Washington, it’s time for someone committed to taking our country back. That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

“Of everything, it’s his votes to fund Obamacare that top everything else. Voting to give Obama a blank check by raising the debt ceiling was bad. Voting to fund Obama’s bureaucracy was bad. And voting to preserve Planned Parenthood funding was bad. But allowing Obamacare funding to go through when House Republicans could have stopped it was simply pathetic,” Ross said.

“We need strong leaders who will stand up for what we believe and not cower in the face of Obama’s threat to ‘shut down’ the government,” Ross added. “Alan just hasn’t been that leader.”

“If there is one thing that must be blocked, delayed, obstructed and fought at all costs, it’s the President’s government-run Socialist health care takeover,” Ross said. “Alan Nunnelee isn’t committed to stopping it. I am.”

“I know when my fellow North Mississippi Republicans hear that, they’ll agree and send me to Washington to do the job we elected Alan Nunnelee in 2010 to do and that’s dismantle Obama’s Radical Agenda,” Ross added.

Ross served his country a Naval JAG Corps Officer and continued in the Reserves after leaving active duty, rising to the rank of Commander. He later worked as a Senior Counsel in the Department of Justice.

A graduate of the University of Mississippi and Ole Miss Law School, Ross noted that Nunnelee was one of two Mississippi Republicans to defeat a Democratic incumbent House member in 2010, helping overthrow Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

“That was a great day,” Ross noted, “but unfortunately every single left-wing Socialist big government program that was in place when Travis Childers and Gene Taylor were defeated are still in place today. The debt ceiling has been increased, Obama’s Agencies, including Planned Parenthood, are receiving full funding and Obamacare spending hasn’t been cut one dime.”

“So what did we get?”

“We didn’t elect Alan Nunnelee to preserve the status quo, but he has. I won’t. I want to dismantle Obama’s Welfare State and restore our freedom.”

Ross will formally announce his candidacy with four stops on Thursday. He and Nunnelee will face off in the March 13th Primary in the North Mississippi district that changed only slightly in redistricting.

“This year’s election will determine if America remains the land of the free or resigns itself to a fate as a European-style Socialist welfare state,” Ross said. “It’s time to take our country back.”

Henry Ross Press Release