Ole Miss Chancellor bans song after students yell prohibited chant

Paul Quinn’s Clarion-Ledger video

“Here at the University of Mississippi, there must be no doubt that this is a warm and welcoming place for all,” Dan Jones wrote Tuesday in a letter to the university community. “We cannot even appear to support those outside our community who advocate a revival of racial segregation. We cannot fail to respond.”

Jones said last week he’d ask the band to take From Dixie With Love off its play list if the chant continued during the Northern Arizona-Ole Miss football game Saturday in Oxford. Jones said the chant was heard.

Jones, who became chancellor in July, did not specify how long the song will be off limits at Rebels games, but he said elected student leaders can request its return if the chant stops. The tune blends the Confederate Army’s fight song, Dixie, with the Union Army’s Battle Hymn of the Republic.

The band has played From Dixie With Love before and after athletic events for about two decades. The practice of some fans chanting “the South will rise again” started in the past five years or so.