I recently received an email from a respected and successful business woman. She is concerned about the economy and has been following the national health care debate. The following is part of what she wrote:

“I have been a small business owner for 10 years. My growth has been organic, I have never used a line of credit and I have employed (over the past few years) people who NEED jobs. I have NEVER been given a hand up (tax break, business opportunity, interest or focus) from the SBA, NFIB, or Republican leadership. They have never shown interest in my plight nor have they recognized how difficult it has been to manage things during the economic downturn (last year and in previous cycles). I have found my way and as a small business owner – taken my knocks asking little of either party other than ‘stay out of my way, don’t overburden me with taxes, rules and/or a socialist agenda that will increase my structural costs.’

“I believe in low taxes, the importance of working hard and remaining focused like a laser on company growth. I have survived over the last year from retained earnings (built over the years out of fear of a downturn and memory of my start-up years).

Jim Herring