Hey, Dan, How’s That “Winning the In-State Recruiting Battle” Going?

Ghost is going to be so mad at me for admitting it. He calls Mullen’s little song and dance … “provincial,” or something like that. And it especially pisses him off that Mullen comes in having never lived in the South (that’s right, Gainesville, I’m calling you out) to use methods perfected at Ohio State to get Mississippi all worked up about a rivalry that – hate to admit it – seen this much action since the late Nineties. Though there is likely some metaphysical machine in a barn in Starkville that runs off of my frustrations and cow shit, I admit freely that not even when State ruined our shot at the SEC Championship Game in 2002 or when Sylvester planted his flag on Scott Field after Derek Pegues got Ed Orgeron fired (the Shrimp Boat Cap’n, incompetent though he may have been – was not “Croomed,” that man was “Pegues’d”).

“Winning the in-state recruiting battle,” of course, is a silly little thing that will only get me worked up in the off-season. When actual football starts and my fellow Rebels from Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida start proving themselves more competent than the athletes playing at Oktibbeha Occupational Training School, I will quickly forget all this.