High-powered Giants showing boys of summer what a winner looks like

They go to 9-1 and make it 13 wins in their last 14 games and now the Giants can win by three touchdowns without even throwing their best stuff at the other guy. This time they win big by running big against a team that makes its living stuffing the run, running for more than 200 yards against Ray Lewis and the Ravens the way they do everybody else these days. These are the world champion Giants, pushing people around the way the Yankees did in the old days.

Last year it worked out that nobody could beat the Giants on the road. Now they come back this year and are 6-0 at home and Sunday they put tire tracks all over Lewis and Ed Reed and the rest of the Baltimore defenders the way they have with all comers in the NFC East. They are the class of the sport right now, both sides of the ball, just about everywhere except with personal seat licenses. And that stands whether the Titans are 10-0 or not.