High profile La. attorney arrested for laundering millions in international drug-dealer money

A Greensburg lawyer involved in several high-profile, class-action lawsuits has been arrested on charges he was part of a multimillion-dollar conspiracy since September 2002 to launder drug money for international cocaine traffickers, federal prosecutors said in court papers.

Federal prosecutors in Houston accuse William Hugh Sibley, 62, of Greensburg, of using bank accounts to hide drug proceeds and of accepting, counting and distributing drug proceeds for the ring that distributed “multi-kilogram” cocaine shipments, court records show.

The ring’s reach extended into Mexico, Venezuela and the United States and is headed by Alejandro Flores-Cacho, who remains at large, federal prosecutors in Houston said.

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I’m also told Mr Sibley has garnered many political connections through time and his use to the class action team is akin to the political interference non-lawyer P. L. Blake ran for Dickie Scruggs. St Helena Parish is locally famous for having several elected sheriffs land in the pokey through time. I suspect Mr Sibley’s tenure as an ADA and adviser to the police jury was quite interesting as we continue the story: