Hillary: Politically dead woman walking?

Only a substantive political scandal can change the delegate math in Hillary Clinton’s favor and even then, she’ll need help from the party to change the rule before the game is over.

The outcomes of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries appear to have made it impossible for Sen. Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination. Sen. Barack Obama beat her in a blowout in North Carolina, essentially split Indiana with her and left the two primariesmerged with a net gain in delegates. There are now more Democratic superdelegates up for grabs (267) than pledged delegates (217) in the remaining contests.

The only way for Clinton to win is for the Democratic Party to change their rules and to put Florida and Michigan back in play. Even then, the delegate math doesn’t work. Proportional delegate representation — a Democratic plan engineered by Clintonite Harold Ickes — will still play in Obama’s favor.

Look for Clinton to win West Virginia and Kentucky. Obama should win Oregon.

Then, Sen. Clinton will face what appears now to be the inevitable decision to suspend her campaign and get behind Obama.

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