Hinds County Victims Wait for Justice

There are 2,550 cases pending in Hinds County. Since January 2007, only 15 cases have made it to trial. That leaves thousands of victims wondering if they’ll ever find justice.

“I just don’t want it to drag on for any longer,” one woman said. “I thought ok, here it is. A few days before, then they call,” she said.

The woman wants to keep her identity revealed to protect her child. She says a Hinds County man sexually abused her daughter for years. Charles Woodall was indicted with five counts for gratification of lust and two counts of battery back in 2005, but Woodall is yet to go to trial.

“I don’t know what I can do. They’re not doing anything to protect her,” the mother said.

The Woodall trial has been postponed three times. She says the Hinds County DA’s office first postponed the trial with no explanation. The second time the mother was told Mayor Frank Melton’s trial had to take priority. And Tuesday, she says they told her the judge had other reasons for rescheduling.