Hitting the 2008 campaign trail

My fellow Americans, welcome to the 2008 campaign, one that all of us, from red state and blue, have anticipated for these many months. Autumn beckons, promising a hard-fought race that, no matter how bitter, will lead us to the traditional transition of power in January.
The polls will say what the polls will say. Money will be raised, especially if you buy a ticket to the Texas-Oklahoma game, where the $95 face value of every ticket is as accurate as $2.00 gas, judging by the listings on StubHub.
Do your own analysis. Watch each team handle the mundane, the little things that prevent big problems. As the political cliché goes, see how well each side performs its blocking and tackling.

As we embark on this most sacred of civic journeys, let us come together on the striped fields of battle, where eight months of training will be combined with ferocity and tempered by sportsmanship — unless Georgia coach Mark Richt says, “To heck with it. Team, go celebrate!”
However, there is still a noticeable lack of celebration about the BCS. In truth, a majority of the public wants it to go away. The leaders in charge turn a deaf ear, maintaining that a new system would result in a cure worse than the disease. Their collective wisdom brings to mind a comment by a hall-of-fame coach, Sir Winston Churchill, who once sized up an opponent by declaring him “a modest man with much to be modest about.”