Holland – If Medicaid makes changes, ‘they’ll have … blood on their hands’

A third proposal would impose a time limit on billing for case management as well as reduce the billing rate by 30 percent.

“The combination of those two would make it unlikely in rural areas because it doesn’t cover the costs,” he said. “This is the service that takes place in the community where we go into the home and service those who are mentally ill and children and their families,” he said.

The outcry from the public was in total opposition, and Holland said the hearing was the public’s chance to be heard.

“We’re giving them one more avenue to submit to the administrative procedures process so every word given here will be a part of that record,” he said. “If Medicaid still wants to make changes that are going to be detrimental to these people’s lives, they’ll have that blood on their hands.”

Hattiesburg American