Hood Rakes in $70K from Lawyers with No-Bid Contracts with his Office

This season so far, Hood raised $415,969.53, spent $111,009.93 and has $402,378.73 on hand. Lawyers and law firms made up 60.4% of the contributions which is to be expected.

The Mississippi legal community made up less than a third of Hood’s contributions: $113,040.55 (27.2%), a telling sign that the old actors are gone. But the largest sector of contributions came from out-of-state lawyers and firms with $137,949 (33.2%).

But some of the actors have returned this season. More than $70,000 in contributions came from law firms with no-bid contracts awarded by Hood. Some call it “pay to play” other “pay to sue” but they criticize the practice as Hood Fundraising 101.

Looking at the no-bid contracts on the AG’s website we found several contractors now contributors.

Mississippi Lawyers/Law Firms with Contracts – $23,500

Brent Hazzard (2contracts) – $5,000

John T. Kitchens – Kitchens Hardwick & Ray (1 contract) – $1,000

McCraney Montagnet & Quin, PLLC (2 contracts) – $1,000

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