Statement by Attorney General Jim Hood Regarding Microsoft Ruling:

“Two judges, in two different lawsuits brought by the State Auditor, have now reached the same conclusion that these cases involving fees paid to outside legal counsel had no merit and held no basis in fact. Legal fees in the MCI and Microsoft cases were paid in strict accordance with state law, and the guidelines and procedures of the Office of Attorney General.

It is now time for the State Auditor to put aside the partisan politics that created these frivilous lawsuits and stop wasting our taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars during a time when Mississippi can ill afford it. The State Auditor should tell our citizens just how much of their money he has already spent to hire his own outside counsel to bring these baseless and misguided lawsuits. We estimate the cost to be more than half a million dollars to this point. Appealing these rulings is not in the best interest of
Mississippi and will only have the same results. Enough is enough.”

Attorney General Jim Hood
State of Mississippi