Hood unsure about plans for future in office

Attorney General Jim Hood spoke about his future plans and his job during the annual Boys State program at Copiah Lincoln Community College Thursday.

Following a speech in which he encouraged the Boys State delegates to do better than his generation, Hood was asked whether the rumors of a run for governor were in his immediate future.

“A lot of people have announced at Boys State and I think that’s great, but the answer is I don’t know,” Hood said.

“I know I’m going to run for attorney general or something else, but I haven’t made that decision yet,” he said.

Hood told the delegates that he was not expecting the satisfaction in the job that he received.

As a district attorney, he said, he would get a good feeling after the successful conclusion of a criminal case. However, an attorney general doesn’t see the inside of a courtroom very often because the job is more about state policy and legal interpretation.

“But I learned as attorney general I can help a lot more people by speaking to them like I am you today,” he said.

The attorney general closed by asking how many students in the room had downloaded free music off the Internet. At least 80 percent of the boys raised their hands.

“Take a count of everyone holding their hand up because you have committed a crime,” Hood joked.

He stressed that downloading music or movies was a federal crime because it infringed on company copyrights.

Brookhaven Daily Leader