Hopeful alleges dirty politics

Perry said students attending college away from their home are allowed to vote absentee back home or register where they go to school. But, in Lum’s case, he said, Lum was already registered in Hinds, so it was proper for him to vote and work the polls there. Perry said state election law and court interpretation of the law generally allows someone to vote in their old area — many governors have done so — as long as they have “an intent to return” someday.

“Residency and domicile is one of the screwiest parts of election law, and our election law has a lot of screwy parts,” Perry said. “The question would be what was his intent in August of 2011.”

But as for Lum now trying to claim Rankin residency for that time period, Perry said, “Based on what I know right now, I think he’s got a problem. … You can pick one or the other, but you can’t claim both.”

Rodney Keith, a supporter of one of Lum’s opponents, Brent Powell, has an attorney working on a formal challenge of Lum’s candidacy with the state Election Commission and plans to file it before Tuesday’s election. Keith said he’s filing the challenge on his own, not for Powell’s campaign. It’s likely the challenge would be heard after Tuesday’s voting.

Clarion Ledger