Hopefuls eyeing Ward 1 Jackson Council seat should it open

Those interested in the potential vacancy include lawyer Reginald Harrion; physician Jonathan Jones; Marcus Ward, former chief of staff for the late Mayor Frank Melton; and lobbyist Quentin Whitwell.
. . .
Ward, who was a staffer for Sens. Thad Cochran and Trent Lott before coming to work for Melton, is associate vice president for development and alumni relations at Alcorn State University. Ward said some friends and relatives in the northeast Jackson ward have approached him about the seat.
. . .
Whitwell, a partner at lobbying firm Meadowbrook Strategies, said he has been approached by “prominent Jackson leaders” to consider replacing Weill. A lobbyist and real estate attorney, Whitwell said he brings a lot to the job in terms of promoting growth in the ward.

Clarion Ledger