_Republican candidate for Attorney General Al Hopkins released the
following statement:_

“Jim Hood’s silence on this case is deafening and confirms what we’ve
been telling voters all along: you just can’t trust Jim Hood. Hood did
not stand up for the survivors of Katrina. Instead, he sold out early
on a criminal investigation against State Farm, only to reopen it
after a judge threw out Hood’s civil settlement for being unfair to
policyholders. You have to wonder why he abruptly ended the
investigation in the first place. It is the obligation of the
Attorney General’s office to go after cases of defrauding Mississippi
taxpayers, however he must do it ethically and within the boundary of
the law.

“As a result of Hood’s botched actions, thousands of Katrina victims
remain homeless or have not been fully compensated for their losses
from this terrible tragedy. This latest move to reopen the case,
just before the election, smacks of political pandering and is an
outrage to those who are still struggling to recover. This is
another clear example of why it’s time for Mississippians to fire Jim
Hood and hire a new attorney.”

Al Hopkins Campaign Release