Today former Special Assistant Attorney General and
retired Major General Al Hopkins launched his first television ad
across the state in his campaign for Mississippi’s Attorney General.
The ad, entitled “Move,” depicts Hopkins roots working on his family
farm, his public service in the military, his career serving the law
for 42 years, and closes with Hopkins’ vow to fight drug crime and
punish public corruption.

“Mississippi is moving forward, but corruption is standing in our
way,” stated Hopkins. “Growing up on a farm where I learned the
value of hard work, serving our country in the military as an
enlisted man and later as Major General and Chief Judge, and
dedicating myself to the law for 42 years–these experiences will
guide me as Attorney General to fight drug crime and punish public

You can view the ad online at:


Mississippi’s on the move. But crime and corruption are in the way.
(“Justice System Failed All of County,” Natchez Democrat, 5/06/07;
“Why Can Elected Criminals Walk Free?” Natchez Democrat, 5/06/07;
“Felons in Office: Making a Mockery of Justice,” The Clarion-Ledger,

To fight it, Haley Barbour needs Al Hopkins.

A Mississippi farm boy, Al Hopkins enlisted in the Guard and worked
his way up to Major General.

As Chief Judge of our top military court, Al Hopkins has served the
law for 42 years.

Al Hopkins:
I’ll crack down on drug crime.

And make sure corrupt politicians pay the price.

Count on it.

Al Hopkins. Attorney General.
_A former Special Assistant Attorney General, __Al Hopkins__ began
his public service in 1965 when he joined the 31st Infantry Division
as an enlisted man. Later, during his last four years of service, he
served as Assistant Adjutant General of the State of __Mississippi__
and retired as a Major General. He is currently serving his second
six-year term as Chief Judge of the Court of Military Appeals. A
native of __North Mississippi__’s __Tippah__ __County__, __Hopkins__
resides in __Gulfport__ with his wife Ruth and two grown children,
Ashley and Norris. He is a member of the __First__ __Baptist__
__Church__ of __Gulfport__ where he has taught for over 30 years._

Al Hopkins Campaign Release