Hosemann: Election bill should not have been killed

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann doesn’t appear to be a man easily frazzled. He’s low-key and soft spoken.

But when the discussion turns to the death of election reform bills in the Legislature last month, it’s obvious that Hosemann is more than disappointed.

In an interview Friday with the Hattiesburg American editorial board, Hosemann made it clear from his body language, his facial expression and his words that the action by four state senators to derail voter identification and early voting measures hurt and angered him.

Their efforts mean Mississippi “lost the opportunity to stop absentee ballot fraud and assisting voter fraud,” Hosemann told the editorial board.

“It means we’re going to spend a whole year or two more ripping the scab off things we’ve been trying to put to bed for 50 years.”

Hattiesburg American 4/5/9