Hosemann talks 42, 42A in Columbus

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann realizes many residents are confused by the competing measures. At a visit to the Lowndes County Circuit Clerk office Monday, he tried to simplify the issue.

“People need to focus on the actual language,” Hosemann said. “The ballot itself will actually show the two constitutional amendments. So, it will have 42 here and 42A, and a summary that was put out by the Legislative budget and also the ballot initiative as drafted by the attorney general. It’s only confusing if you don’t read it. So, I’m recommending to people — read this.”

When asked to explain the differences between the two, Hosemann kept it simple.

“There’s really only about three or four words and a sentence between the two,” Hosemann said. “One of them — the one proposed by the Legislature (42A) — establishes support of ‘effective’ public schools. The other one (42) is establishing support of and ‘adequate and efficient system of free public schools’… and then there’s the court issue.”

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