RELEASE: ***Secretary Hosemann Statement on Landmark True the Vote Decision***

“The position of the Circuit Clerks, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State to protect the privacy of 1.8-Million Mississippi voters was upheld by a Federal District Court.

In the political pandemonium of the last several months, our voters should be encouraged Mississippi’s laws protecting privacy were not preempted by Federal law or the U.S. Constitution.

The Court stated disclosing private information under the National Voter Registration Act would, “create a gaping hole in the statutory landscape whereby personal, otherwise protected information would lose its protection once a citizen registered to vote.”

Further the Court stated, “…indeed, birthdates, when combined with name and place of birth ‘can reveal social security numbers.'”

All information contained on the poll books is and was available to this out-of-state corporation, any citizen or any candidate, after properly redacting the voter’s birthdate.”