Hosemann updates Lamar GOP on voter ID implementation

Secretary of state Delbert Hosemann was in Lamar County Tuesday night, speaking to Republicans at the Midway Voting Precinct about progress in implementing the state’s new voter ID law.

Voters approved it in 2012 and the law cleared a major hurdle in June when the Supreme Court ruled that Mississippi was no longer required to get pre-clearance from the Justice Dept. when making changes to voting laws.

“We’ll be going mainly in January, February and March, really a push in that time period to have anybody that doesn’t have an ID, which is a very small number, as you know from our research, .08 percent, (to get one),” said Hosemann. “We’ll find those people and if they want one, we’re going to give it to them for free, we’re going to take them to the courthouse so they can get a free picture and we’ll verify their birth certificate when they get there,” he said.