Priebus Faces Attacks As Front-Runner

Wisconsin Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus has taken a clear lead in his bid to lead the Republican National Committee, as rivals react by questioning his record and his judgment.

Priebus has scored 27 public endorsements so far, nearly a third of the 85 votes he would need to win the chairmanship outright. That easily outpaces his three nearest rivals, incumbent chairman Michael Steele (15), former Michigan Party chairman Saul Anuzis (11) and former Ambassador Ann Wagner (11).

Now, RNC members who support other candidates are beginning to launch increasingly public questions about Priebus’s tenure as RNC general counsel, and his close ties to Steele. And unlike anonymous attacks that take aim at all the candidates on a daily basis, the shots launched at Priebus are signed by RNC voters.

National Journal