Race To Know: Taylor’s Troubles

On paper, this shouldn’t come as a shock: no Democratic-held House district gave Pres. Obama a lower share of the vote in ’08 than this Gulf Coast-hugging seat: It gave Obama just 32%, and includes several counties that gave him less than 20%. Plus, Palazzo, a Gulf War veteran and Marine Corps Reservist who runs an accounting business for Americans living abroad, has been running hard since February and is up with ads asking “Is Gene Taylor still one of us?” — hitting the 10-term veteran for voting against Bush tax cuts and for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Taylor, who has rebuffed pleas to switch parties over the years, is also on air reminding voters of his pro-life, pro-gun credentials (he has the NRA endorsement) and attacking Palazzo on an eminent domain vote in the state legislature. Democrats never dreamed Taylor would ever be in danger, but if he is, this election has become their worst nightmare.

National Journal