The NRCC’s Moneyball Strategy

Looking more deeply into those districts, it’s clear that the NRCC is looking to stretch their dollars. That’s important to them because they are at a significant cash on hand disadvantage to their Democratic counterparts. The DCCC has $34M in their bank account – double the NRCC’s $17M.

Several of the top targets for the NRCC lie in inexpensive media markets and are districts that voted for John McCain in 2008. A few examples: Reps. Bobby Bright (D) in AL-2, Allen Boyd in FL-2, Harry Teague in NM-2, Travis Childers in MS-1 and Jim Marshall in GA-8. The Dakotas – Reps. Earl Pomeroy in ND-AL and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in SD-AL – are also cheap places to air ads and both are on the NRCC’s list.

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