House panel hears contested election

Chairman Mark Baker, R-Brandon, questioned why one particular affidavit ballot was rejected. According to Darden, an Elvira Dawn Tullos Gorey was not in the poll books when she came to vote and thus voted by affidavit ballot.

When commissioners tried to verify she was a registered voter, they found a Dawn Sandifer in the books with the same birthday, but Darden said she did not feel secure that they were the same person, and thus rejected the ballot.

Wallace, along with Eaton’s attorney, John Corlew, said they did not know how, or if, Elvira Dawn Tullos Gorey was related to Mark Tullos…

…The panel decided to allow Turner of the secretary of state’s office to run the voter’s name through the election system to verify Darden’s testimony. They will then make a decision about whether to open the ballot, Baker said.