Lobbyists see roads, bridges as priority for Mississippi

JACKSON – During this year’s legislative session, the Mississippi Economic Council made a lobbying push for $375 million in additional revenue to address the state’s immediate transportation needs. Alongside the MEC stood several lobbyist groups that similarly prioritized the maintenance and expansion of Mississippi’s infrastructure system…

…But, as Waller points out, the longer the Legislature takes to pick a method, the less each dollar will be able to do….

…The chairman of the state’s House transportation committee, Rep. Charles Busby, R-Jackson County, wants the lobbying actions taken by the groups to be just the start.

“We need to do what is fiscally responsible,” Busby said. “How are we going to leave here not having funded something that we all agree is a core responsibility of government. Our infrastructure is a core responsibility of our government. How are we going to make a case for being fiscally responsible?”

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