Houston Nutt – or someone else?

With all the talk about Houston Nutt (Mississippi) possibly becoming the head coach at the University of Kansas, I thought it would be a good time to look at the (prior to being hired) credentials of former KU coaches. I can say this much up front. If Nutt is hired by Kansas, he will easily be the most qualified coach to have taken over KU’s FB reigns in the last 60+ years – and once again, Perkins will have carved out new ground in the Kansas Athletic department.
Kansas has had 36 football head coaches in the school’s history. If that sounds like a lot to you, don’t feel like the lone stranger. Yes, 1890 was a long time ago, but still that’s about one coach every 3.3 seasons. By contrast, the basketball program has had 8 coaches.
I have a personal interest in him because last year when I was doing the bowls for UFR, the headline I wrote was “Texas Tech vs Nobody”. Of course, that “nobody” was Mississippi – coached by Nutt – and, they stomped Tech. This season hasn’t been the storybook last year was, but Mississippi is still 8-4 and headed to the Cotton Bowl.
I’m not going to go into much detail here. You can read all about him elsewhere. But, in a nutshell, he was 31-16 at Murray State (4 years), 5-6 at Boise State (1 year), 75-48 at Arkansas (10 years) and 17-8 at Mississippi (2 years). Should he come to Kansas, he will bring 17 years of division 1 coaching experience and an overall winning record of 128-78 – including 10 bowl berths.