How did Plaxico fall so far, so fast?

Plaxico Burress has been to the mountaintop.

He must be afraid of heights. Because ever since reaching the summit with his Super Bowl-winning TD catch in February, his every move has seemed dedicated to making sure he never gets back there again.
That dull thud — or muffled bang — we heard Friday night was Burress completing his freefall like a bungee jumper with too much cord.
In February he was ticketed for Canton. Now he could be ticketed for Rikers.
Illegal possession of a firearm in New York City carries a mandatory three-and-half-year jail sentence. If by “illegal” New York means unpermitted and concealed and by “mandatory” New York means mandatory, Burress might soon find himself longing for the Tom Coughlin practices he has so resolutely avoided.