How Newton scandal could turn college football upside down

Imagine one row of seats occupied by NCAA investigators and FBI agents, who are looking into various aspects of this case? There are plenty of Krugers in this story. Pastor Cecil Newton, Cam’s father, is not coming across as someone I would like to worship with.
Rogers, one of the primary sources of this story, comes across as Florida coach Urban Meyer would say a “scumbag,” or as Alabama coach Nick Saban would say a “pimp,”
Rogers’ alleged boss, agent Ian Greengross, has had a complaint filed against Rogers by the NFL’s Player Association. That was just before the Newton story came to light. Greengross has denied any involvement in the Newton case, though he and Rogers share a bank account.
Pastor Newton, who allegedly said he wouldn’t send his son to Mississippi State so he could be a “rented mule,” reportedly has turned over financial documents to the NCAA regarding his church, the Holy Zen Center of Deliverance.