Dem Party chief to head South this week for votes

Dean said the voter registration drive is focused on boosting Obama’s standing in the states, but local candidates will join the tour when it comes their way and he hopes it can help them, too.

Dean’s travel plans include:

– A drive from Crawford to Austin on Thursday.

– Stops Friday in New Orleans and the Mississippi cities of Hattiesburg and Jackson.

– Visits to the Louisiana cities of Shreveport and Baton Rouge on Saturday.

– On July 25, three stops are planned in North Carolina – Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte.

– July 26 takes him to Georgia for visits to Savannah, Macon and Atlanta.

– In August, the bus is scheduled to make stops in Midwest swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana before it heads to Denver for the Democrat National Convention, which opens Aug. 25.