Sen. Lott Says in Exclusive Interview: Not Convinced Hillary Will Run

Trent Lott — That is correct. I serve on the Board of Directors for Salsarita’s, which is based out of Charlotte. These are Tex-Mex restaurants with presently 62 locations. Phil Freiedman, former CEO of McAllister’s, is the CEO. We anticipate 5-7 openings in Mississippi. Chet previously was with Domino’s Pizza and is experienced with franchise operations….

…Trent Lott — Everywhere I go I am asked about this. I am a big fan of Marco Rubio and the Governor of Ohio, John Kasich. Jeb Bush is also being mentioned a great deal. On the Democratic side, I am not convinced Hillary is going to make the race. Age and family are both weighing in which is complicating the picture for her.

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