Hudson Holliday files papers to run for governor as GOP candidate

Said Holliday, “They (voters) are hungry for a new face, new ideas and real leadership and not just more of the same. While it does take money to get a message to all the voters, the grass-roots strategy will cost a lot less than the conventional campaigns I expect my opponents to wage.”

He said, “At a time when a lot of Mississippians can’t pay their light and water bill, I could not in good conscience fly all over the state, spending tens of thousands of the donors’ hard-earned money putting on a big show. I am never going to have the money the others will have and will spend, but when you take large donations, you become obligated. I prefer and intend to be obligated to the people of Mississippi.”

He added, “I have faith that as the voters hear my plans, we will receive enough money to get our message out across this state and mount a serious campaign.”

Holliday won the Pearl River County District Three supervisor seat in 2007. It was his first foray into politics.

Picayune Item