US ATTORNEY MIKE HURST: PROJECT EJECT: Consequences and hope for a safer Jackson

I believe there are two necessary components to effectively address violent crime in Jackson over a sustained period of time: consequences and hope. With these components in mind, the U.S. Attorney’s Office recently launched a new initiative in Jackson called PROJECT EJECT. EJECT stands for: Empower Jackson Expel Crime Together.
This initiative is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to tackle violent crime head on, bringing together federal, state and local law enforcement with community leaders, church leaders, non-profits, neighborhood associations, businesses, schools and ordinary citizens. The goal is to not only address violent crime after it occurs with consequences, but also to try to deal in hope by getting at the root of the issue before bad things happen and helping those whom have broken our laws to be rehabilitated and reenter our society after they have served their sentence.

Clarion Ledger