Hurst to Hood: Stop Carrying Water for Obama Administration

On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule defining “waters of the United States” under the Clean Water Act allowing for federal bureaucratic overreach into the states and onto private property.

“Every right-thinking Attorney General in the country will be standing against this outrageous action by the Obama Administration. Mississippi should be part of the effort to reign in this bureaucratic regulation. We need to protect our private property freedoms and our agricultural jobs. Attorney General Jim Hood needs to stop carrying the water for the Obama Administration,” said Mike Hurst, the Republican candidate for Attorney General.

This new rule continues a long tradition of the Obama Administration’s federal overreach which Hurst has pledged to fight as Attorney General. The Clean Water Act limits the EPA’s jurisdiction to “navigable waters” in the United States. The new rule would include in the EPA’s jurisdiction ponds on family farms and create new restrictions and red-tape for private property owners and the agricultural community.

“If your private property has a pothole, puddle or pond, you should be concerned about the EPA’s attempted power grab here. We need an on-the-job, full-time Attorney General who will fight back against the Obama Administration and stand up for Mississippi property owners and farmers,” Hurst said.

Mike Hurst Press Release