Brian Ford notes of conversations with Dickie Scruggs, Trent Lott, others

Ford’s notes show that the Scruggs Katrina Group was interested in hiring him as a consultant as well as using him as a fact witness. Ford was asking for a salary of $10,000 a month, and, if you look at page SA-10 of the supplemental index above, you can see that in an e-mail to the Scruggs Law Firm, Ford also asked for a percentage of the settlement amounts of SKG cases. The excerpts of Ford’s deposition provided with the supplemental index show the Scruggs Katrina Group never did hire him, and page 13 of the notes contains this question: “Why did the full court press for my services suddenly stop?” Just a guess on my part, but maybe it had something to do with Ford inviting himself into Scruggs’ attorney fees — as alleged in the Jones v. Scruggs lawsuit that was the backdrop for the alleged Scruggs’ judicial bribery conspiracy, there are some who say Scruggs is pretty grabby when it comes to fees — kind of like what his is his and what is yours is his too.

David Rossmiller
Insurance Coverage Law Blog